About Us

  • Our Philosophy…

    This is the last deed that can be done for a loved one who has passed. Therefore we pride ourselves on doing it right for you.

    At O’Rourke Monuments we pride ourselves on taking that extra step to create and complete what is envisaged by yourself and your family and doing it right for you.

    About Us

    At O’Rourke’s we still hand carve inscriptions into stone and create lead lettering.

    Using the same techniques and methods as ancient artisans did, we can truly replicate or add text to an existing hand crafted memorial, as each letter is hand drawn and carved to match that of the original.
    Our inscriptions, whether new or aditional, are second to none, as we hand draw or use computers and machines to replicate the existing inscription, (whichever is required) We then supply a scale draft of the proposed inscription prior to engraving, for your approval or amendment.

    Combined with the use of the finest 23ct Gold leaf, we can ensure you of a perfectly matching additional inscription.

    O’Rourke Monuments specialise in the Restoration and Rejuvenation of old monuments, whether it be a clean, polish or total rebuild of a memorial.
    Our cleaning process brings time weathered memorials back to their former glory, giving the stone a new lease on life and hence leaving the original inscriptions legible for generations to come.